Your typical schedule when you arrive at the preserve will be as follows:

First you will sign a waiver of liability as soon as you arrive  then we will go through a safety briefing prior to hunting/shooting. Next we allow you to warm up with shooting some clay birds, then we get the dogs ready and you are ready to start your hunt when we arrive to the field, after the hunt is over we take pictures of the hunters and birds with our sign, then your guides will clean the birds while you eat a meal and relax.

Typical hunts consist of 1-6 hunters and 5 birds per person but we will customize any hunt to accomodate to your needs.

New for this season we have 100 acres of CRP ground that our preserve will be ran on it has a woods,pond, and crick on the property along with lots of grass fields and fence rows making it great habitat to hunt birds in.

Shoot'Em Game Birds offers a great safe hunting experience for everyone, whether you are the ultimate hunter or entertaining clients for a corporate outing we will make sure you have a good time.

Shoot'Em game birds


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We will be hunting Ring-necked pheasants and Hungarian Partridge this year

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2016-2017 Hunting Season

   September 1st-April 1st